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    C.J Styles - Volcano (Cave)


    Doesn’t look like he has a very good chance here, C.J. thought, maybe that match with Chomp was just a fluke. C.J. watched as Trunks struggled with his disadvantage. Then Issac was hit by one of the Magby he was suppose to be blocking. Huh, opps guess I didn’t think of that. Oh well, one ember isn’t going to hurt anything.

    Just when C.J. was thinking Trunks was done for, the little Turtwig evolved into a Grotle. Heh, didn’t see that coming, Issac may win aft-- C.J.’s train of thought was interrupted as the Magby started to get smart and shoot Embers at Trunks to help their leader.

    "C.J.! Can you stop the embers?" Issac called out to him. Tsk tsk. Wha would he have done if I wasn’t here. C.J. thought to himself. “Yeah, sorry about that. I’ll do what I can.” he said before turning to the group in the gravity field. “Ace! Use Thunder Wave, I want to see them all Paralyzed, no more attacks. If that doesn’t work hit them with Dragon Pulse!” he commanded. “Ax I need you to take the Embers that do get past.

    Blue sparks surround Ace's body, then he releases multiple blue bolts of lightning at the Magby group. Reducing their movements and attacks drastically. Every so often one of the Magby would get an ember out and that Magby would be met with a turquoise energy ball from Ace while Ax would jump to take the ember attack refusing to let any slip through to Trunks.

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