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    ∣ Kiyoko

    Chapter Three: Part Five
    One Girl's Problems

    Kiyoko let his tail flick slightly and allowed himself to relax as Valorie acted protective of him. "Yay, no more needles!" He chimed happily, before looking over and watching the boy walk away. Huh. Fighting 'Rockets'? Why would you do that when there's 'R' men all over the place? Something caught Kiyoko's attention and he turned to face Drake. What was he doing? As Kiyoko watched him, his left eye began glowing a bright silver color. "Woah!" Kiyoko watched Drake with an open mouth in surprise. "You can see like I do! Cool! Can you do this?" Kiyoko closed his eyes and began to concentrate the energy in his body, and an aura sphere began to form before the tip of his nose, slowly expanding with energy. Don't freak out, Valorie. DON'T FREAK OUT.

    ∣ Whitney Eli

    Chapter Two: Part One
    Academic Training!

    Whitney gestured to Alice with yet another of her notorious 'thumbs up' pose. "You did great, trust me." She tapped her glasses, and the screen lighting of the lens shorted out, fizzling and smoking slightly. "Ah crap!!" She grabbed her glasses and threw them as far away as she could, and they simply blew up in the air. A small explosion, but fatal had they still been on her face. "Not again! Guess I have to use my regular ones now." She blindly dug into her bag and pulled out a glasses case, opening them and putting on her regular, thin silver-framed lenses. "I'll have to make another pair... Good thing I still have the blueprints--Anyways. You did good. Pidge maybe had an unfair advantage though, since her wings are artificial; I made them, by the way." She grinned, somewhat proud of her works-- minus the explosions. "I'm trying to make different kinds of wings for her, too. Like Razor-sharp ones, and special wings that will help propel her when flying. Stuff like that, anyway." She glanced off in the direction of the school, sticking another candy cigarette into her mouth and letting it rest on the side of her lip. "That helped me blow off some steam... So what's there to do for fun here?"

    Pidge landed on the ground, spanning her brilliant white wings proudly. "Thank you, I try my best." She folded her wings and puffed up her chest a bit. "I'm not gonna let my wings stop me from doing anything." She cocked her head sideways in a very bird-like manner, before turning to the Solosis. "You did well too; your Hidden Power is very strong!"

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