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    No humans yet? Blimey. I'll go first then, why not?
    Not really sure about specialisations, but I think I've come up with something decent enough.

    The SU vvv
    Name: Turnip

    Sex: Male... he thinks.

    Age: Yeah, he can't remember... Probably 19 or so.

    Appearance: (In case the picture in my sig isn't enough, here's a rough description)
    He wears something like a hooded trench coat, with like some kind of light armour underneath, with knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves. He wears an odd helmet that can be pretty annoying, since it can't be taken off, but it has some helpful aspects. There's a knife at his left, a Desert Eagle on his right, and a strap on his back for just about anything he likes - currently the AK the Republic gave him.

    Personality: Generally not really loving, Turnip will form friendships quite well, but may ask to kill someone every once in a while. Thankfully he asks, to which the usual answer is "No.". Despite this, and an obvious love of sarcasm, Turnip is actually really moral, and has a strong sense of logic - aside from the occasional mention of wanting to cheat at real life. He's pretty easy to get along with ordinarily, but anything serious and he'll make sure - or try to make sure - that justice is done. Well, justice from his point of view, anyhow.
    Turnip doesn't show much of himself to others. Naturally a bit of an introvert, on the surface he shows no interest in romance - in fact he shows disdain at the idea - and very little in friendship. There is something a little deep down in there, though - and if he happens to share it with you then he clearly holds you in high regard. Or pities you. Or is tricking you. Or, uh... something, anyway. Probably respect. Anyhow, he isn't likely to be pointing a firearm at you any time soon. (Unless, of course, he's tricking you, in which case he probably already is.)

    History: (not in here, nooo, nooo. PM for GM only.)


    Specialisation: No official specialisation. Unofficially, though, he's a Power Ranger.

    Preferred Weapon: Ak-47 primarily, but he often can't help a quickdraw shot from his Deagle. He also happens to be very fond of sniper rifles, but being a private he doesn't get to use them much.

    Other: He is secretly a fish. Just kidding, nothing to put here.
    Turnips shall rise.

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