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Here goes my SU! Hope y'all like it!

Name: Alicia

Sex: Female

Age: 26 (Assuming Pokémon don’t live as long as humans)

Species: Gardevoir

Tribe: Ruber Tribe

Appearance: Alicia looks just as any other Gardevoir would; She’s graceful in her movement, and her hair is a vibrant green, going to just below her shoulders, curling at the end. It covers her left eye most of the time, leaving only her right eye out, though she can obviously glance through the strands of hair covering her left eye as well.

She wears the typical long, flowing white dress, covering up her white legs beneath, making the dress seem almost a part of her, and giving the illusion that she’s simply floating along the ground, rather than actually walking as she is. Most often, she has a look of either worry or wariness on her face, but she’s also often seen smiling, at least when it seems like no danger is present.
By her hip and slung over her shoulder, she also carries a satchel made out of some form of silk, woven by an Ariados, a friend of her mother’s for one of her birthdays. It’s usually filled with berries and salves made of herbs and berries, as well as some bandages.

Personality: Alicia acts just as gentle as she looks graceful, at least for the most part. As soon as the topic changes to a more serious topic such as the war, or if she’s asked her opinion of one such topic, she’ll be sure to let you know –exactly- what she feels about it, most often seeming rather determined and at times, even stubborn about some things.

She will, however, listen to advice and to what her allies have to say and their ideas, not simply dismissing them, and if she finds them more logical and sensible than her chosen path, she’ll agree to following their directions from then on. She has a kind heart and enjoys aiding others, but has gotten rather protective of her fellow tribesmen and as such, she’ll not only be seen tending to those who might be hurt or need aid, but also moving into battle herself, providing support for the more heavy-hitters, although her psychic abilities are nothing to scoff at.

Moves: Teleport, Double Team, Psychic, Hypnosis, Heal pulse

Profession: Healer/Fighter

Other: I assume that since Pokémon are using technology and they have scholars and whatnot, that they have SOME kind of... housing, maybe built or carved out of a tree or somesuch.
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