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Jack Davis - Battle for power yeah!

"Go for it guys!" Shouted Jack from the sidelines. Alpha began to sweat from the intense heat and a Overheat managed to burn him badly, though thanks to his Calm Mind he was able to resist a bit of the damage. The Hypno began to fling out Confusions left and right to push back the advancing army. He was feeling the power surge through his body and happily flung out the powers he was given. He felt... strong, almost like he was young again!

Charlie was sweating as well, but just from using his powers so much. He used his Psybeam to confuse the fire types and have them start attacking each other. He used some Confusions to snap a few necks as well and tossed the bodies off to the side without any respect. Yes, this was his element. He could do this all day and STILL want more of it! "Take that idiots!" Charlie sneered happily. As long as he got to kill hell, he wouldn't so much as complain! Just keeping coming fire types, keep coming and face death each and every second!

Alpha's powers rose more and more and suddenly realized why Charlie liked this kind of stuff. He was actually falling into the melody and enjoying it himself too! He felt power in every nerve of his body, along his arms, his legs, his bones even sucked in the psychic energy from this place! No wonder Charlie had such an ego! If this was what he felt like then Alpha more than understood now!
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