Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon The Legend of Anbuja
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Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
Thanks, I'm sad that I'm not really able to put into this more of my free time I have, since I gotta do lifestuff too :<

The OW's are from 16x32 to 32x32, The hero Ow and rivals is 16x32 including some other OWs, The obese guys and Female NPC's that have wide hairstyles are all 32x32 since 16x32 wont fit them/they look ugly with hairs 16x32.

I'm probably going to release all NPC's im inserting to the public as soon I'm done with replacing every single Ow's that isn't custom made by me
Sweet, that's pretty cool, that way i can steal use them in my hack.

With credits of course.