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    The name: Pokemon Emerald PC
    The story: based on Pokemon Emerald. You start out in a van, moving to the region of Hoenn. Your dad is one of the gym leaders there. After meeting your rival, you pick your starter in an attempt to rescue Prof. Birch from a wild Zigzagoon.
    Special features: I am planning on making this part of a three-part game series with Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto versions. In this way, You will be able to relive your favorite regions with a single game save. When a game is started in one region and opened in another, it will be first checked for the national dex and then all the events will be more challenging. I also plan to add a multiplayer feature that exceeds GBA capabilities. these will include mail with standard typing instead of preset word banks, pokenav calling (texting, really) and bigger secret bases with mazes (I will try to add the Pearl/Diamond/Platinum capture-the-flag too!).
    The progress:
    Scripts:66% (scripts are large amounts of code that are called frequently and can be used as separate functions.)
    Objects:45% (objects, or instances, are representations of all things environment-they have events that are called at specific times that contain code to be executed)
    Rooms:1% (rooms, or maps, are areas where objects are placed and backgrounds or tiles are drawn. each room has a unique set of objects, backgrounds, and tiles, and are used to avoid the hassle of determining stages of game play referring to location, as well as speeding up the game by reducing the amount of objects in the memory and, consequentially, the amount of code in the memory.)
    Pokemon:10% (refers to the images, code, types, attacks, and stats)
    items:.3% (refers to the images, descriptions, scripts, and lists)
    Storyline:2% (refers to the events that happen and the order in which they occur as related to the game progression.)
    Other:4.125% (extras such as speech, links, ect., as well as non-story related events)
    basically, I have the truck sequence 50% done, Intro 91.375% done, Littleroot town 80% done, route 101 85% done, oldale town 10% done, one of the grass animation routines done, W.P.E. system(Pokémon name and level),pokemon stat calculation based on nature, pokemon, IV's, EV's, and level(Thanks to for the formulas for almost all of this),about half of the battle system (including the lost battle routines), experience gain, trainer card(almost), partially completed the first rival encounter including adapting the wpb script to handle one on one battles with wpe conditions and then creating pokemon data for the rival's pokemon and finally converting it using the same functions used to convert your pokemon to the temporary variables for battling pokmon, and Pokémon type lists done(this sounds odd but that is because I am creating a list for each of the different types, because it is easier to do and will allow me to use the base code to create a game with Pokémon of more than two types.). controls are Z(GBA B),X(GBA A), and Enter(GBA Start). Try it and tell me what you think so far!

    I have added an option to the game that takes you to this thread so that if you want to see the original game thread e.g. to provide feedback, you can. Do you think I should keep that? Or should I just ditch that b/c it might not be used by people?

    newer features as of:6/06/2013
    started adding a new program using a dll to coordinate music looping in midi's by adding a new key to the registry to hold variables concerning the midi being played, the volume(change) and time for change, as well as the start and end of the loop and when to close. this prevents the music from akwardly replaying the intro sequence when looping as well as saves space by using external sound files. however, it increases the size of the executable 'non-ram' program, and will work independently of the game speed, so if the game slows down during the intro sequence of music (e.g. starting battle), the music will not. also, if the game experience an error that causes it to close, the midi player will not close, and will have to be closed by viewing the
    processes tab of task manager.

    known bugs as of:6/26/2013
    The text will mysteriously slow down and even stop for no apparent reason. this is usually caused by preloading of data into the RAM while the text is being drawn, specifically in the start-up message. the game has not frozen, and the game will return to proper speed after a little while or when the text goes away.
    when running (not walking) onto a script that overrides the controls, the script may be executed twice.
    an occasional error pertaining to checking the movement permission of part of the room, relating to a lack of a variable 'h'.
    when text is being shown, holding down the X or Z keys continuously causes the checks to test if the keys have been pressed (changed from returning false to true since the last check) to return true, even if they haven't been released, until a different key is pressed or the key is released. The same is true for most menus and prompts. Also, the effect persists if new text is drawn or a new menu is shown before the next step.
    when drawing text with more than two lines on the screen and the text is more than the amount of lines allowed to be drawn at a time, the text will continue without waiting for the X or Z key to be pressed.
    some menus do not always respond to a key press.
    the trainer intro is too long.
    the pokemon hud may display an hp of 0 even though the hp is above 0 if it is below .5(for accuracy, the actual hp value is a decimal. to prevent attacks that deal x.5 damage from doing 2(x+1) every 2 times instead of (2x)+1).

    Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Pokemon for making the original bodacious game!
    Yoyo Games Ltd.: For the program used to make the game.
    Everyone on the PokeCommuntiy: the tools used to rip sprites, text, and maps from the original game.
    partyghoul2000: His music resources. many of the calculation formulas. The battle system would be totally screwed up without their database!
    NPC3232-I am planning on using his DLL to coordinate the battle music by seeking positions.


    needs fixing_________________________________fixed it

    If you cannot see these, try this link:

    also, any help you may want to give may be considered. don't hesitate to help others!
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