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    Might wanna give Ninetails the moveset of Fire Blast, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, and one of the HP types such as Ice or Rock for example. Solarbeam would be okay if it wasn't just screaming for Tyranitar or Politoed to switch in now.

    For Metagross try a Choiced set with the moves Trick, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, and something along the lines of Bullet Punch or Explosion for a 4th move.

    Haxorus should be Jolly or Adamant btw depending if you want more speed or more power, either one is fine regardless. It would also help if you posted the moveset for it lol.

    Might wanna give Swampert the moveset of Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Roar, and Ice Beam with something along the lines of a Relaxed nature so it can be more of a team player. And for Gengar I'd give it a Life Orb so it can hit just a wee harder now.

    That and for Skarmory I'd get rid of Stealth Rock for either Whirlwind or Taunt now, depends if you need to phaze something out or to stop premature entry hazards more.

    Sorry for not being very descriptive but I hope this helps regardless.