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Originally Posted by ~RNC~ View Post
Where you get that at? Water starters I love the most.
Just came back from work, right here.

What a way for me to end Friday.... I bought a Pokemon game, and my "Outstanding Oshawott" box arrived.

I bought a copy of Pokemon White 2 - now I can do the challenge I wanted to do: All Mustelid Team (with Dewott, Zangoose, Watchog, [if i can transfer] Linoone, and 2 Mienfoo [including my shiny])

By the time I reach the Elite 4, this is my planned team:
- [Pokemon] - [gender] - [Nickname] - [planned items]

I also got the 'Outstanding Oshawott" today

Some of the cards that I will add to my Cards album [I want one of each in the album] - the rest? - I will wall paper my room in cards!!! It will look very strange.

I'm still waiting on the "Terrific Tepig" and "Super Snivy" to ship. On ToyWiz, I just ordered 3 plushies (Oshawott, Serperior,and Pignite), 5 individual cards (Rattata, Quilava, Maractus, Swanna, Riolu) and the Reshiram box.
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