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    they won't do that until the third part of the game like Ruby and Sapphire, then Emerald, If X and Y has a third part, because Black and White had Black 2 and White 2, if this gen has a third part it most likely will be called Pokemon Z

    A guy explained to me that works at the video game store why they make two games per generation, he said one to make money, and two its like a competition to see which is better, in this case which legendary pokemon/plain pokemon (red, blue, green, yellow, fire red, and leaf green is the reason i say plain pokemon) is better/more popular.

    Example: Like i said competition the guy told me its like a Burger King and a Mc Donald's, Mc Donald's has more sales than Burger King meaning more people prefer Mc Donald's (not really sure about that)

    So lets say Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Diamond had the most sales world wide saying people prefered Dialga over Palkia
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