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    Heva Jade - Ruins of Xin Kou, Northern Shinguo

    Heva and the makeshift warriors had stood valiantly in the face of danger. The storm, the hurricane of undead and ghost manifestations pounded the walls, ripped through the barriers, slaughtered townsfolk. A bloody and gruesome scene indeed. Heva had failed her Shinguo dependants, they had depended on her for protection and she failed them. Now she sat under the rubble of a fallen tea house, waiting for her own rescue.

    In the depth of battle, after the Necromancer's scourge had broken down the Northern walls, she had led the bulk of the scourge onslaught towards the north-western end of town. There she held a final defence. Heva took as many as she could, hoping that her men had fled with their families by the time the scourge had killed her. Unluckily the scourge didn't kill her, her actions of mixed physical and elemental attacks weakened the infrastructure around her causing the buildings to collapse in on her.

    Heva had put up a barrier around her hefty figure. She sat in the dark panicked and scared. Outside the scourge, that had once been trying to gnaw her leg, had turned their attention on the townsfolk. The town's people's screams of murder and redrum; death and ending. Then silence. Heva had collapsed on her knees weeping. The town had been exterminated, destroyed, decimated. Her mind raced with images on how the town looked now, ruined and barren. Now she, too, was ruined and barren. The darkness of the collapsed buildings was a bright light compared to how heavy her heart had felt that day.

    Two days had passed since the incident and Heva had turned in on herself; she sought out comfort from her discipline, which she had learned from studying under monks for a time. Heva sat, in the darkness, her butt resting on her heels, her knees on the ground and her hands folded calmly in her lap. The mage had kept the barrier up for so long through deep meditation and channelling of her energies. Her red hair swirled around her head in a static mess, from bending the will of her magic for so long, her eyes were open, stark, not blinking an icy blue frost emitted from them. The barrier gleamed yellow, strong against the rubble.

    Two days, she had been in this state. A state of extreme meditation, extreme concentration, extreme dedication; nothing could budge her. Nothing but the calls of an ally, an all clear signal; just something to restore her morale.
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