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Tamor Bellfiend and Auden Radke
Xin Kou, Shingou
The trip had taken a toll on Tamor, two days of nonstop traveling through the hills of Shingou with only Niolas and Auden to conversate with. Percival and Roland never paid much attention to the duo, instead they chose to bicker with each other. If the group dynamic was like this when they weren't in battle, how were they supposed to fight together? Still they had yet to have formal introductions, Tamor rightfully blamed herself, why should they care about her? This first fight would most certainly be her last because as of right now her death was imminent even with Auden's sworn protection. Tamor usually wrapped her arms around Auden's waist and held on tightly, Tamor wasn't fond of horse rides. Fortunately Tella's remarkable beauty had transferred to the nature and that gave Tamor something to look at when her face wasn't buried in Auden's robes, which had a perculiar but pleasant smell.

Somehow they were to get to a town Yoshuro called Xin Kou, the Necromancer's liar was the closest to this town. Tamor was scared, here they were the Knights of Ekilore off to battle on horseback to slay a Necromancer and his army. One thought was constant, why had the monks chosen her? The most she could do was heal her comrades, well, at least that's the only thing she had mastered. Divine magic was a tricky subject, Eislynn had taught what she knew before she passed. Most mages she met were Arcane magic users like Auden. She hadn't sought out another teacher because she wasn't worth it, she wasn't good enough.

"Can you use your divine magic offensively?" Auden inquired, not taking his eyes away from the road. He had been thinking over her divine magic since he first learnt of it, and from what he had learnt in his time in the Magic Corps. It could be used offensively, with him making an assumption it'd probably work rather well against undead creations.

"O-o-offensively?" Tamor asked then wondered why had he taken a sudden curiousity in her magic.

"Yes, I've actually watched divine mages use offensive magic like holy bolts, though they weren't that strong I'm fairly certain that they'd do a lot of damage to dark magic, such as the magic the Necromancer is using." He replied, this deduction seemingly fairly logical with his knowledge of magic.

"How was it summoned?" Holy bolts, she was fairly sure that wasn't the technical term for them. Eislynn had mentioned the effectiveness of divine magic against the undead. "I c-can't do it."

"I'm not entirely sure, but my guess is you would have to envision your faith being able to banish the evil.. or something along those lines. Even if you can't do it now, it might serve you well to think about it encase you're forced to defend yourself." He was rather gentle as he tried to explain it to her, though he didn't really have any idea how it worked. His reply was also to let her know that there is a chance, albiet small, that he could die in the upcoming battle.

"I can't fight, I won't. I don't know how to," Tamor quietly admitted, more to herself than to anyone else.

"As long as I'm alive and you stay by my side, you won't have too so don't worry." Auden turned and reassured her, caressing her cheek as he did so, slightly surprising himself, I really treat my toys well, don't I?

Reaching the top of the hill Percival stopped in his tracks, causing the whole convey to stop, much to Auden's aggitation, though he did see why someone would stop at the sight before them. The village that they were meant to be going laid in ruin in front of them, with the shapes of bodies lining the road they would soon be travelling. Sighing, Auden continued onwards only to have the two brothers spur ahead, once again taking the lead for no apparent reason. Indeed the shapes were bodies, though they weren't all human, some being the disfigured creations of the necromancer, interesting enough, I've never seen creatures like these before. This should be fun. Every now and then the ground would squeech beneath the horses weight, indicating a pool of blood that had yet to seep into the earth or dry out, a wonderful sound to Audens ears.

The small group of knights entered the city, the sight was apparently a shock to Roland even though it really shouldn't be. A crowd of villagers quickly gathered around them, they looked as if they are been dragged through the blood stained Earth surrounding the village, and no doubt some of them had been. Tamor's heart ached for them she felt the need to heal their wounds and to show them the kindness that others had not. For once she could do something, be a better mage and use her magic, but was she good enough? What if she promised to heal them and her divine magic decided not to work, what if this was against Tella's wishes? So, instead of leaping off the horse's back Tamor stayed put as tears welled up in her eyes. Not surprisingly, Roland, the hero, went to draw his sword at the villagers, before being stopped by his brother whom began comminucating with them. Clearly great leadership material sire knight. At least your brother has sense to talk to them first. Auden thought as he looked around, surveying the area for future reference. He was hoping they wouldn't have to defend the village, but wasn't counting it out as an option.

Suddenly a scream rang through the air, that brought joy to Auden's ears. It's starting, I can finally let off some steam. He thought as he dismounted his horse before gentle letting Tamor down, whom had been holding onto him rather securely since they reach the top of the hill. Percival suggested they go to the northgate, and though Auden wasn't to happy with being order around by a fellow knight he followed after the two, now sprinting, brothers with a casual walk and Tamor in tow. Halted by the sight of the destroyed village Tamor was left frozen before the gate. Niolas had already spread his wings and soared ahead of her, even her own bird was fearless. Tamor knew that this was her job, this was the quest but her body felt numb and didn't respond to the weak commands she ordered to it, not like she wanted it to. Once she stepped foot inside of that gate she must fight. The other Knights would've known she was absolutely useless and abandon her altogether. If she stayed here perhaps she had a chance of still living or keeping the villagers alive.

"Not coming? Hmm," Auden's voice sounded like he had already known she was going to do this. He drew his blade and geared himself for battle, this was the moment for which he had been waiting for for two days.

"I-I-I-" Tamor's voice had failed her just like her body.

"Here's the best defensive ward, it'll protect you from being hurt physically for at least a minute against these monsters," Auden casted the magic over his toy, the least he could do was spare her life for a couple minutes. So that when he got back to her hopefully she wasn't dead, he still had a lot of planned for her. He resheathed his sword and pulled out a cylinder, about thirty centimeters in length, with a string on the end. "Also, a magic flare. If you get in trouble aim it to the sky and pull the cord and I'll come rushing to you. You are my toy, you are not allowed to die, if you're in trouble just use the flare and run."

"T-t-thank you," Tamor smiled weakly, because that's all she was, weak.

Auden patted her hooded head before he took off toward the action, which left Tamor all by herself to soak in the screams like the ground had soaked in the blood of the villagers. "You'll be fine, I won't let you die or be hurt as long as I'm alive. Cya."

Staff in hand Auden continued his casual walk towards the gate, seeing the two armor-clad brothers backs first, and then the wall of undead monsters a in the distance. As he got closer the monsters began their charge, with a big fat monstrosity who could barely hold in his own bodily fluids leading the pack. Auden almost laughed at the sight of the two armor-clad knights standing alone in the middle of the gates against the massive approaching army of dead. Nonetheless he continued walking, waiting for the the monsters to get into his casting range.

Closer the army came, unknowingly making life a lot easier for Auden, whom was now only about 20 metres behind the two brothers. This should do. Raising his free hand and pointing his staff forward Auden began, releasing two massive pillars of fire through the gates, one pillar a side, the flames close enough so the brothers would definitely feel their heat. Within about ten seconds of being released the pillars hit the first line of undead, spreading out wide and incinerating almost everything they touch, leaving a wall of fire or walking fireballs. Walking calmly passed the two brothers he continued onwards, with monsters pouring through the wall of fire, the large one who was leading before was still advancing, though now he was spilling fire with each step. Finding his target in the biggest undead he could see, his path was set. Magic erupted from him as he walked towards it, allowing few undead in his vinicinity to continue their charge on the village.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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