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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Seriously guys, have you not payed attention to my post? There really isn't a need for a difficulty setting in a Pokemon game at all; that's why we have post-game material, and that's why Nuzlocke Challenges exist. It's meant to be a simple game for everyone of all ages. Extra Creditz has provided a better explanation about why the difficulty setting in BW2 was unnecessary:

    Pokemon X and Y shouldn't be blindly regarded as bad just because of the lack of a difficulty setting. It's like complaining about the Gamecube lack of backwards compatibility with NES games.
    Well, hey, I didn't get to reply to you earlier, but, you know what, you make a very fair point! Perhaps there really is no need for a difficulty setting because of the material provided in games?

    But, I'd just like to consider this; what if the post game material was harder? In addition, the Challenges that you see have no barring on the actual game itself; we don't have an option to choose a "nuzlock" setting or something like that in the actual game, y'know? The are to kind of rules that we've made and follow ourselves in our own risks. There can be a lot of material in harder modes that you don't see in easier modes, such as better movesets, or just better and more EV'd efficient pokemon in general, or hey, maybe a storyline that has a plot that is harder to come by? So, I'm just saying, perhaps the difficulty can play more of a role than just an average playthrough?

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