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∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
Southwest Path

Chapter One: Part Eight
A Valiant Return

Kiba jumped up, and his team rushed beside him, as they followed behind Shadoan attempting to escape the rock Pokemon. Kiba thought quickly, nudging Z and Ki and pointing to a tree ahead of them. Ki ran over and with a razor-sharp bone slash swipe the tree came falling slowly toward Shadoan and his team. Z used her powers to catch the large tree, dropping it behind the group, an attempt to blockade the path to stop the rock Pokemon, or at the very least slow them down so Shadoan and Kiba and everyone can get some distance between them. Ki nudged Amber and pointed at the tree. With a sudden look of excitement, spit a large flamethrower, lighting up the entire tree.

Kiba sped up beside Shadoan, taking notice of the voice coming through his Gyro Gear. Julia! Shes okay! Despite the current situation, Kiba felt himself cheering inside, knowing that she wasn't currently in any danger. He then remembered he wanted to surprise her, and had stopped himself before he had made an outburst of joy.

Mello awoke somewhat confused at a tickling vibration, which turned out to come from Julia's Gyro Gear. When Julia answered, she heard some familiar voice come through, and she climbed up onto Julia's shoulder, hoping to get a peek at what was going on.

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