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The Bathroom

While her glowing eye narrowed on the boy, recollection of the events before class spun to the forefront of her mind, the fiasco in the cafeteria that would have resulted in the injury of some of her friends had she not flipped the table with Elene's assistance. Cutlery and people that were scattered across the great hall because of the works of one boy that couldn't control his rage, who she had briefly spotted before leaping into action and had watched Elene mock just after. The glazed look in his eyes and the attire that didn't strictly match the school's instructions let her know that it was the same fellow, and with that realization came a fire in her chest.

"You!" Ashling placed her hand around an imaginary sword hilt in her sheath, working her illusions so they would come to fruition in the form of a wicked blade and drawing the illusory weapon along with a burst of cool air and the snikt of sliding steel as its tip pointed at just below the boy's chin. The Wakizashi's scent was that of a well-oiled sheath and a slight hint of dried blood that she was sure would put fear into the boy's heart if he bothered to pay attention to details. It was only against the rules to wield a weapon, after all, and this just appeared to be one in all other ways. "You're the one that destroyed the cafeteria and almost killed my friends." She wasn't allowing her anger to get the better of herself, but there was a certain venom in the Succubi's words that promised danger. "Leave." She re-stated, pushing the tip of her blade an inch closer to the stranger's face, with her arm curved at the elbow and ready to be extended into a lunge or pulled down to slash across his chest.

It wouldn't actually hurt him, but it would allow her the opportunity for a sucker punch before he knew it.
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