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    The Bathroom
    The Succubus felt a small spot of blood appear on her bottom lip as her jaw clenched in preparation for the fight that was now sure to come; unrepetant and arrogant despite the opportunity for mercy that she'd offered him. She would gladly accept the penalties for violence if she could put the bastard in his place. With a glance to the side, she spotted the door that would be sure to open and could serve as something to bounce a throw off of when the sobbing girl inside would open it, potentially to stop the violence, but that was a small possiility at best. The sinks would be able to provide obstacles for violence, for his head to fall through with a good trip on her part, and the blade was too far out of her reach to use effectively in the brief moment that his gaze was as blank as his mind. Without warning, her fist lurched out and aimed itself at the stranger's forehead in a controlled punch intended to daze.

    While Ashling was trained in military combat and spent many days sparring, there was something else that allowed her to be effective in combat, even if she wasn't allowed to reveal her true form for the advantages that flight and an extra limb would entail. Along with her jabbing fist came of a blinding burst of light that she hoped would disorient him, while her legs braced for retaliation and her opposite hand gripped her sheath in preparation to follow up the punch with a jab of her elbow or, if he didn't retaliate immediately, bashing her sheath against his skull.
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