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I hate people who dismiss series like One Piece just because "lol they're lamestream". They're despicable. You gave the series a shot and you didn't like the story/character/plot structure and stuff then that's fine. BUT if the only excuse you have for not giving a series a real chance is that "lol they're mainstream. and I'm too cool fo' that ****", then I feel sorry for you. Because your reasoning is nothing but a bunch of crap.

Okay, you dislike everything that's mainstream and don't care if they're actually good and should be given a shot? Fine. What if your favorite series goes mainstream next? Would you say "**** it, dis **** becamz lamestream imma drop this evn if itzz my fave manga"? No, of-freakin'-course not! THAT is why your 'reason' is just a sorry excuse.


not really directed at anyone, just saying. Brought back memories of a stupid, STUPID youtube reviewer I saw a few days ago. Gave him my first ever dislike on youtube.