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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
I watched the first season of the American version, if I'm getting that right (I'm not completely sure, I just know there are two versions and I saw the first season of the more recent one??) and it was absolutely amazing! My favorite character is/was (I don't watch it anymore, can never catch it on my stations) the ghost; she was super cool and relatable and had a tragic background that made her an even more enjoyable character. A+ show if there ever was one.
There's an American version and a UK version, yeah :) I hardly know anything about the American version (although it's next on my list to watch!) but from what I understand the two ghost characters are very similar between the two versions in their origins/personalities. Very quirky and eccentric with a wonderful degree of seriousness when needed - great characters indeed!

Oh man it's so depressing having had no one else watch the UK version though. The fandom for this show is relatively tiny so it's so difficult to talk about in the way shows like Doctor Who or Sherlock are discussed. For any who have been watching, the final ever series finally ended - what did you guys think of the final episode and series in general? For me, the most incredible moment was:


Even though they were so far apart from each other, the power of their trinity and their huge loyalty to each other... It was outstanding ahh, the power of this moment was far beyond any other show I can remember watching. The finale was exceptional (bar the last 5 seconds which is another point for discussion!) if not slightly expected, but the twists were great and Hal's new form... mmm. ♥
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