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    Miles cigarette fell from his mouth when the ghost-like Digimon suddenly unvieled himself. At First Miles assumed he was an enemy, and immediately began to scan the area for anything he could use as a weapon, but before he could even scan half the room he heard a raspy voice yell "DARK CLAW". He immediately looked to Cinni to find the new Digimon destroying an enemy that had flanked Cinni. Miles realised what this situation was and he scanned the area for what he needed to find to confirm his theory. No sooner than his eyes scanned left that he Miles had found his target. A slender girl who looked about as ghostly as her Digimon companion. He watched as Cinni was taking up conversation with the ghost Digimon, and was satisfied that Cinni had come to the same conclusion. Miles made eye contact with the girl, and beckoned her to come over with a wave of his arm. Miles then went back to were his bag was lying, and started to rummage through it.


    Cinni looked up at his "supposed" saviour. A Bakemon with a seemingly cheerful disposition as he made sure to end his enterance to battle with an almost sing-songy verse "Hooray, hooray! I saved the day! The sick ones are gone, they're sent away!~"

    Cinni frowned slightly putting both hands on his hips, his ears flowing in the breeze that was starting to develop "You know it was already boring before I had any help, Did you really think I would be unable to block such undeveloped fighters!"

    The ghost seemed entirely unperturbed by Cinni's displeasure, instead floating about in its usual way. But no, but no!~ Whether you can's not the point!~ If the rabble do not challenge, you must challenge yourself!~ You musn't take hits, you musn't block, you must dance, and weave, and leave them in shock!~ Your life wasn't saved, the block could've been made, but if the block had been made, less points would be paid!~

    Rosencrantz zipped up right into Cinni's personal space, holding out a clawed hand expectantly. You see, you see?~ If the chosen ones must be tested with a lack of challenge, we make the challenges ourselves.~ If we slouch in our duties and scoff at the weak, then when we attack the strong they will scoff at us in turn.~ Understand?


    Samantha noticed a boy nearby waving her over, so she immediately rushed forth, her bag swinging about haphazardly as she ran. "Salut! Je m'appelle Samantha, ca ma ce va? Ah, sorry, sorry." The girl shook her head as she came to a stop in front of Miles. "My name's Samantha, are you alright? What's your name? Is the brown rabbit with you?" The questions were offered in rapid succession with hardly any time at all to even consider them, let alone answer them. The girl continued to scold herself. "Sorry, sorry, you're just the first person I have seen yet that was not running away. Are you like me? The rabbit, she is with you, right?"

    "He is my partner yes" Miles quickly corrected, without giving Samantha a chance to apologise he continued to answer her questions. "I am one of the Digidestened, His name is Cinni, Mine is Miles. I am fine". His answers were all straight to the point, little to no emotion put across in his words, almost as if he were answering a survey, or something else highly disinteresting. He was hoping that he wouldn't have to encounter anybody else till after his initial plan, but as far as he could tell, he had no choice but to carry on.

    "You're not going to like this, but we are going to have to travel through the sewer if we are to survive the incoming infected." He then motioned towards his bag "Are you hungry? We are going to have to eat before we go in there" He then noticed that Cinni was calling to him, talking franticly.


    Cinni shook the Bakemons hand wordlessly, standing there for an odd amount of seconds, appearing to try to understand what his new found help was trying to get through to him. Cinni's ears drooped and frusteration started to show on his face. He then turned to Miles, Of course Miles would know Cinni thought, he speaks in weird talk just like that ghost." Cinni, now ignoring the Bakemon completely starts running towards Miles. His words jumbling as he was trying to get everything else "MIIILLLESS, There a ghost digimon called a Bakemon and he's trying to help me and give me advice but I don't understand what he's trying to say so you should obviously come over here and explain it to me because I'm fairly sure it might of been impor....wait is that a girl?"

    Samantha temporarily balked at Miles' rough, to-the-point answers. However, she didn't stay particularly shocked for long, quickly recomposing herself pretending as though the whole affair didn't bother her. "The sewers?" She asked, tapping her chin in thought. "Tabernac... really? I would much rather risk the hoardes of infected, but if you are thinking it's the safest way..." The girl tugged on her bag and frowned. "Perhaps it is best I make some preparations while eating, non?"

    It was then that Cinni came running over, clearly bothered by Rosencrantz's... Rosencrantz-ness. The ghost looked at the Lopmon, showing only the briefest signs of a grin before floating over, looking for all the world confused and concerned.

    I do not particularly know what exactly has him so flustered, sir. I was merely speaking to him and congratulating him on his victory. He seemed disappointed with the lack of sport involved, so I tried to offer him some friendly advice so as to make even the trifling battles more exciting. After all, if we are to properly serve you, we should be at the top of our game, yes? But it seems as though your partner is having difficulty grasping what I mean. I'm so sorry.

    The delivery, of course, was completely against everything Rosencrantz's mannerisms, personality and attitude dictated. That is to say, the Bakemon spoke completely normally. Samantha could practically see the trollish grin hiding just underneath the Digimon's skin. (Cloth?)

    "Ah, oui, I shall leave this matter in your capable hands." Samantha said, smiling cheerfully at her partner before looking over at Miles. "If we are to follow your suggestion I shall need one last thing before we depart. I will be right back in a moment. Au revoir."

    The girl ran off into a nearby store before anyone could stop her, for some reason starting to discard her hoodie as she disappeared from sight. About four minutes had passed when a figure emerged from the store. Samantha was now completely covered in a protective suit clearly meant for hazardous materials, unable to be seen at all save for through the clear shield covering the face. She had a backpack on, absolutely stuffed to the brim with - if the few little pine trees and lemons poking out of the pockets were any indication - what was probably every air freshener in the store. "Tre bien! We may go now, monsieur, Rosencrantz, petit lapin."
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