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    Hello I'm Omac12. I like to play Pokemon games but that must be obvious. I enjoy Role-playing, I have a website that I use called RPA. Wait would that be like broadcasting? Oh well.

    I like to read and both write. I think I'd be good at making a hack if I tried. I'll do that this summer when things finally cool down. Anyway I don't really know what to do for an introduction... I never made one on RPA and I've been there sense, Like October maybe... I don't know.

    So... I guess you could stop reading now because if I say anything else it won't really be that important... Someone already replied this is just an edit. So thanks for reading...

    Okay so I have attempted a hack before... I ended up trapping the main character in the first town... Forever. So I gave up and kinda forgot about hacked ROMs. But now I found them and I enjoy them

    I'm looking at this one called Snake would and I have a few questions
    Am I allowed to just use this to play?
    Why does it say it's still a Zip file? It's not in a folder...

    Hello I'm Omac. I used this type of website before so I won't get completely lost XD


    I tried a few roms on here and.. NONE of them worked with my GBA emulator
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