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    Hearing Dunn’s comment and seeing Pokemon spring into action immediately, Lucas fixes his goggles over his eyes. ‘Tepig! Tackle Patrat!’ Tepig squeals as it runs and tackles into the Patrat toppling it over on it’s back. Tepig hops back to avoid the Water Gun which then blasts the Patrat even further. Lucas looks at the Lillipup which runs at Tepig and Bites it’s snout.

    ‘TEPIG WATCH OUT!’ Lucas called out as the tiny dog didn’t show any sign of letting go of the poor pigs snout. Lucas then flipped up his Pokedex and scans Tepig. Lucas smiles and shouts, ‘TEPIG EMBER ATTACK!’ Tepig begins to spark out flames from it’s nostrils into Lillipup’s mouth. The pup immediately jumped away barking in pain because of it’s burnt mouth. Tepig runs towards the Lillipup jumps in the air and stretches out. Lillipup springs up and attempts to tackle it but ‘Tepig! Heavy Slam!’ the pig’s body turned into metal once more and...

    Role-Plays I'm in:

    Patrick McCallion in Time and Space: Phanpy

    Lucas McGuire in Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Aipom, Heracross, Aron

    Lucas McGuire in Unova Masters: Tepig
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