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    The more I hack this game, the more I love it. This hack gives me a lot of Johto nostalgia with its simplicity.
    Well, most of the mainlands of Taejo have been mapped! Here's a mini influx of some photos.

    And if you played the first beta, you'll know who these are... they'll become very important in your journey...

    And here's my redesigned Pokecenter!

    And! This guy is trolling me! I really want to know what that item is down there... maybe I should go talk to that cop I seen on Route 54...

    And! I slightly updated the region map with more accurate depictions of what's in stored for you...

    Route 66 is a very dangerous route. Have fun getting to Chert Town! The last Gym Leader Sedmant and his rock types are no joke.
    Don't think you can get away with using surf on his squad.. hehehe.

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