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Sara Lain
Sara woke up feeling pretty weak. She was laying on a bed in a small house. She sat up "Hello? Is anyone home?" She was answered by a beautiful woman who was probably her mother's age.

"Well look who is awake!" She said excitedly, "My daughter found you out in the forst covered in sleep powder, she got me and we carried you all the way here." Sara sighed, of course she was knocked out, how typical. "If you are looking for your Pokemon, they are out back with my daughter training. I must say your Pokemon are very determined, especially that Poliwag and Zigzagoon, they've been going at each other nonstop."

"Really?" She said, she never expected them to work hard.

"Yep, the Zigzagoon just adores Oran berries. And my daughter just can't get enough of both of them!" Sara stood up and stretched, "Why don't you come with me out back?" Sara nodded and followed. She looked outside and saw that they were still in the forest, sure enough Orrie and Poliwag were fighting out back. A girl, about Sara's age was sitting on the porch with nincada sitting next to her, watching the fight.

"That's my daughter, Selena."

"Is she a trainer?" Sara asked

"She wishes to be one, but we don't ever have the money to spend to get pokeballs, and she never was asked to receive one from a professor."

"That's really sad, especially since you are surrounded by so many of them." Sara said.

The mother looked sad, "Yea, my husband works hard to keep us alive, though I'm afraid it isn't enough." Sara looked at the smiling girl sitting on the porch. "How long have you been a trainer?"

"Not long, I just started yesterday, but I've always been poor too." She said sympathetically. "I got my first Pokemon for free to be honest."

"Well, why don't you go say hi? I'll make some lunch." She disappeared inside.

Sara walked next to the girl and sat down, watching the fight. "So who is winning?"

Selena excitedly explained the battle, "Well Zigzagoon has been trying to use thunder, but he keeps failing. His tackle hits hard though! Then the Poliwag, it failed at using water gun at first, but now it can use it very well!" Sara watched as Poliwag dominated Zigzagoon with a series of water guns.

"Hm, which do you like better?" Sara said.

"I like Poliwag!" Selena replied, "Your other Pokemon, nincada he has been sitting next to me the whole fight though, I think he likes me." Sara had almost forgotten that she had caught him in the first place. It was laying there, being pet by Selena in the shade.

Sara looked at the girl, then at Nincade, I don't need Nincada much... She thought, "Hey, Selena." The girl looked at Sara, She is as beautiful as her mother... Sara thought. "Would you want Nincada?"

Selena's eyes lit up, and she had a big smile on her face. "Yes, yes, yes!" She said.

"Well, you can keep him, but you have to go with me out of the forest, and your mother has to agree." Sara said.

"Agree to what?" Said the woman.

"This girl said she would give me Nincada if I adventured with her." Selena said excitedly

"Just out of the forest." Sara pointed out, "And I'll keep an eye on her."

"Well..." The woman said, "I don't see why not, I suppose if she is with you it should be fine. Why don't you guys eat first though?" She smiled, offerin me and Selena a sandwich, and a bowl of berries to the Pokemon. "So what is your name?"

Sara couldn't believe how trusting these people were, but then again Sara wasn't exactly the scariest person. "My name is Sara Lain from the Orre region. I just moved to Hoenn."

"Isn't that nice?" She said nicely, "Well you are welcome to stay or leave at your convenience, just make sure you pack up." The last sentence was directed at Selena who scarfed her sandwich down and sprinted inside. "Well, she is eager!" The woman laughed. "My name is Rose, and I'm very glad to have met you."

"It's the best I could do since you sorta saved me I guess." Sara blushed a bit.

"Still, that was a kind thing to do. I hope you have a great adventure." She stood up in her solid color green dress, "I must write to my husband about this." She smiled and walked inside. To Sara, it seemed like a graceful stallion walking away.
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