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Littleroot Town was beaming as the sun had struck it's finest hour. Taillows were seen chirping and gliding around the sky; Zigzagoons were hurdling around in groups, picking up lost items and such. There was some presence of wind, but it only felt like a breeze. It was a peaceful day, but not just another day. It was the day that Scyke got his first Pokemon from the region famous Professor Birch.

The door to Birch's lab opened and out came Scyke, grinning at his new partner. He had waited for this moment for years; ever since his dad started taking trainers from Lilycove to the Battle Frontier. He had seen powers of many Pokemon - from the epic dragon-Pokemon Salamence to the elegant water-type Mylotic. Ever since the letter was ripped open, Scyke had been in conflict on which Pokemon to begin with; the choices had been extended from three to around twelve over the years, and although Scyke had been gunning to start with Treecko when he was eleven, after seeing the other options he had started to question himself. Did he really want a Treecko? Was it better off to start with an Eevee, who was capable of evolving into different types of Pokemon? Or go with the tough but cute Phanpy? Scyke had been asking these type of questions to himself for weeks, but hadn't came to a conclusion until he had reached Birch's lab. Now, he was clear and confident with his choice; he had seen many trainers with this, and they always seemed fast and reliable. Scyke tightened his head band and lifted his arms to stretch. Afterwards, he extended his arm and called out his starter.

"Come on out, PIKACHU!"

The capsule opened in half; a brilliant red light flashed in front of Scyke. It quickly shaped a form of Pikachu before vanishing inside the Pokeball again. Scyke minimized the red-and-white ball and stuck it on his belt.

"Alright bud, from now on I'm your trainer." Scyke bent down to become level with Pikachu as much as he could. The electric mouse stared at his new trainer with gleaming eyes and let out a little cry. "Okay, that seemed a little blunt; rather, we are partners from now on. Here's the deal - I'll train you to become an amazing Pikachu while you help me fulfill my dream of conquering the Hoenn League. Whaddya say?" Scyke ended off with a cheesy grin. Pikachu replied back with the same expression, but sighed in his head. Both sides of the deal seemed to really benefit just Scyke, but he kinda liked the guy already.

"Ok, that settles it then!" Scyke rose up while picking up Pikachu in his hands too. "I'll need to nickname you. I'm gonna nickname every Pokemon I catch, 'cause then we can get closer soon, yes?" Pikachu nodded; he didn't seem to mind the idea. "Aight, what to call you... hmm..." A couple of more "hmms" later, Scyke nearly exclaimed "AHA!" like as if a light bulb really did snap on above his head like in the old cartoons. "I know! I'll call you Zap! Because Z is a bit like your weird tail and you know, your an Electric-type, so ya know..." Pikachu hadn't appreciated the comment about his tail and the name was as unoriginal as anyone could have came up with, but still managed to smile back at Scyke.

"Awesome, that settles it then." Scyke planted Zap at his shoulder and walked towards the exit of Littleroot Town. "This is a new beginning for us, Zap. Today, we mark the first steps of our journey, into becoming the champion of the Hoenn region!" Followed by a fist pump, Scyke raced towards Route 101, gleaming with excitement. He couldn't believe he was actually a Pokemon trainer.
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