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White 2 Eevee & Friends :D

Yesterday, I met Bianca who gave me a Pokedex and lent me her Oshawott for the time being. My childhood Eevee is at home with mom, but I hope to soon be able to travel with him when I'm strong enough!

I left Aspertia with Oshawott at my side, reach Floccesy Town and continue to Floccesy Ranch. Through these events, I captured a Mareep and an Azurill for Juniper's sake and they are keeping Oshawott company for the time being. We've fought a handful of trainers so far, but none of them, not even Hugh, has been a match for Oshawott.

Today, I returned to Floccesy Town and battled some kids for Alder, even the Pansage went down easily. I returned home to challenge the Aspertia gym, Oshawott at LV. 12. Lilipup's Work Up/Tackle combo really packs a punch, and we fail the first time around, but go straight back in for a second helping and defeat Cheren with Oshawott at LV. 15.

Now that I'm strong enough, I headed out to capture six pokémon to trade for my bred pokémon. Oshawott will help me train Eevee and Trapinch first.

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