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    As long as the RP is in spring, which it still is, your not too late.

    trotz59, your profile has been approved, as tradition with each new entry;

    Welcome to Lethia.
    You are free to start new from the template, or if you wish to go futher in as if Klaus has been here a few days already, hit me up with a PM and we can work something out then. Your choice really, I'll center some challenges for you no matter how you enter in.

    I'll add you to the roster in the first post.


    This is my progress with RPGear SO FAR... I have Tabbed panes setup and a little of the layout. HOWEVER the login and password boxes don't work YET! I am still putting together a few more files to take login information such as passwords an usernames to store, check and return to the main window itself.