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    So there I am at the Pokemon World Tournament, I’ve got Magnemite lv28, Drilbur lv30, and Klink lv26 for my line-up and Hugh throws out his servine.


    Leaf Blades (which he shouldn’t have until level 32) and Sonic Booms fill the air until Magnemite’s paltry hp betray it to defeat. I throw out Klink and Gear Grind Hugh’s servine in the face.

    Next up is Simisear.

    Ha, no thanks.

    I throw out Drilbur, and one dig later we’re on to Tranquill, and Klink is back out on the field. At this point, Klink’s small hp pool is flailed apart by Air Cutter. Drilbur is back out and I think I’m doomed, but for some reason Hugh decides to use a taunt move instead of air cutter…

    So I’m on to the next match!

    Cheren’s stoutland makes a mockery of Magnemite’s hit points. Drilbur shows up and assumes to work his way through said stoutland. Watchhog makes a mess out of Drilbur via confusion and sleep, so I send out Klink, who grinds down the opposition and solidifies a win for team Monte!

    Finally, Colress shows up, and throws down a level 25 magneton… Unfairness personified. And the guy was already getting on my nerves. The magneton makes short work of Magnemite, but, haha, Drilbur digs right through it, the elgyem and Colress’ klink.

    A winner is me.

    So Drilbur ends up the mvp, and we learned some valuable life lessons: Hugh is a cheating snake, Cloress is a cheating snake, and evolving Magnemite to Magneton is a productive career move.