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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I'm not really bothered by the fact that there's only one save file. I was way back when I first started playing and my brother and I had to share Pokemon Red but ever since then we've just picked up our own copy. And because we did, we've been able to trade back and forth when needed. He doesn't play anymore but the sentiment is still there.

They could have individual save files for each user and then there would be an overall cartridge save file. Special event items/Pokemon could be saved to the overall file and each user would be able to access that and download it onto their save file only once. The logistics wouldn't be too hard to get around.

I don't get how nicknaming would have any effect on it, though...? That's kinda weird but maybe there's something I'm not thinking of.
I found the interview but it's certainly not decisive and doesn't say what Pinkie claims it to say.

Sugimori: We were discussing whether it would be better to have 3 save files or to be able to name all 151 of your Pokémon, and everyone was unanimous in saying “It’s better to be able to name them all!”

All this says is that they couldn't combine nicknames and save files in the first game. That doesn't stop them at all from figuring it out now.

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