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    Adjuk, you're better off making your own hack of a game if you want to do something like that. I'm generally only making fixes or adding Pokémon that are missing (see Froslass), not adding whole creative content to the game.

    I am making a possible exception for the missing Route 503 and possibly adding it connected to a new area with starters. Not decided on that yet. But otherwise, it's not my game, so I'm not going to habitually apply new creative content.

    Originally Posted by NeoSpeedFreak View Post
    How I can get unstuck from the 3rd gym?
    You saved in the Gym before completing it, then reloaded, and now can't get out, correct?

    Two (maybe three) options:

    1. Start over.
    2. Use a Gameshark code (Ruby set) for walking through walls, which is easy enough to apply.
    3. (Untested) Finish defeating the Leader, save, and see if the Gym unblocks.

    In the future this will be fixed somehow so that you can't get stuck, or have an express path out in case of problems. Right now, we have to deal with it.

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