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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Southwest Path

    Chapter Two: Part One

    "That way, huh...?" He glanced over, taking of his glasses. is eyes shone bright, ready for searching, though he paused as he listened to Julia's reply. He heard Shadoan end the call and relaxed for a moment in the silence. "She seems... Really happy... I wonder if she misses me," he speaks distantly, feeling a sudden hand on his shoulder; or in this case, a paw.

    Ki stood near Kiba, a paw at his shoulder. "Are you sure you're up for this?"

    "Absolutely... We're looking for Julia... I'd like to lead, given the circumstances, ad I know Ican do it.

    Z floated nearby. "I see. So I'll meet this 'Julia' soon?"

    "There's no doubt in my mind. Let's head off then, shall we?" Kiba smiled faintly. "I'd like to be together with her again, as soon as possible." He began his walk forward, anticipating that the group would follow.

    Amber yawned, waking up and leaping down from Ki's arm. "I wanna run!" She ran up ahead of Kiba, turned around and ran behind him, and repeated in long ovals.

    Z covered her mouth with a sudden giggle and simply followed, as did Ki.

    Mello gave Julia a somewhat confused glance at first. She had never been in a Pokeball, but did she really want to? She enjoyed singing, and she'd still be able to inside of one, but who would be around to hear it? She didn't much like the idea of living in one, however, Julia's offer of new ownership was interesting to say the least. he walked closer, her steps lighter than air, and hugged Julia's leg quietly. She nodded slowly, but simply gazed outside. She wouldn't mind Julia watching over her, but she seemed to still be holding out hope for her friend to return. Either way, she did agree to work for Julia is he needed her.

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