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Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
This a really promising game you know. But I have some questions:
If this is after the HGSS events, why do you use FR/LG graphics?
Can you only catch pokemons at night?
And btw if you need custom sprites, search the shops in the Pixel Projects sub forum.
I don't know how to properly structure a tileset in RMXP so that the sprites are aligned with the little lines that separate the blocks :\

I've seen a few HGSS/BW tilesets around, but they're not very big. I'd love to me able to make the graphics HGSS, though :)

And you can catch Pokemon any time of the day; however, in cities, Pokemon only come out at night. There's a lot of morning-only, day-only and night-only Pokemon on routes, so it's recommended to thoroughly search routes every time of day, or else you'll miss something!

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