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    Nathan - On a boat, far from home.

    The rippling water was just enough to make Nathan feel sick, never mind the fact that some stranger was guifing this boat. He felt quite costaphobic, yet quite satisfied to be going to Lethia. The boat journey ended at a pier, and another man, cosiderably older wandered up to him. It was quite frightful, especially since the event was taking place at night.

    The man spoke and said "To qualify and get into Lethia, you must challenge me to a 1 on 1 pokemon battle." The man pulled out a pokeball.

    "Okay. Um... Wich one do I pick (It's a good job I have seals, or I'd never know what these are)"
    Nath picked the one marked with fire. Go Nitro! A medium sized bulk Monferno came out of the pokeball and landed with grace. The man sent out his choice, a riolu.

    "Nitro, quick dig!" In an instant Nitro was fast under the ground.
    "Riolu, hand stand and force palm!" The riolu athletically pulled of a superb handstand.
    "Nitro, don't come from underneath, go from behind!"
    The man noticed tis and commanded riolu to turn around, but too late. Nitro popped up and instantly mach punched the riolu, sending it back a little. The riolu got back up to it's feet to prepare another attack. "Quick attack riolu!" Nitro barely had any time to react so a hard hit to the face sent Nitro back a fair bit. The energy of Nitro, and the fact that Blaze hadn't kicked up, showed Nath that he was still in high health. "Nitro, mach punch the nearest boulder!" A quick movement broke the rock into several peices. "Pick a bit up and use flamethrower on it." "Riolu quick counter with force palm." (But force palm is an attack that may take a second to charge up, meaning that the fire will burn riolu's hand, GENIUS!) By the time Riolu was about a metre close, Monferno had allready burned the rock to a molten meter. Riolu's force palm didn't even get close to finishing, as the heat was just too unbearable, also sustaining riolu with a burn. "Now Nitro, throw the rock towards Riolu quickly and use mach punch behind it!" In a couple of seconds thousands of tiny flaming rocks were heading towards Riolu, and without time to react, riolu took all the hits, causing a K.O.

    Woo! Nathan was soo happy! He was allready one step closer to winning.

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