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Starting over in Alola!
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    March 26, 2013

    I finally visited the Driftveil Gym. Clay has been busy over the last year! The gym has become larger and more elaborate than before. I decided to battle some of the trainers there for practice. The first one I challenged sent out his Pokémon. It was a Baltoy!

    “Baltoy, the Clay Doll Pokémon. Baltoy move by spinning around and form a group when they find others. They are rare Pokémon that were discovered in ancient ruins.”

    Several of the trainers used a Baltoy in addition to other common ground-type Pokémon from Unova. I asked where they found these Baltoy. The workers here from Driftveil City have been digging various tunnels underground. One of the tunnels they dug brought them to a deep level of the Relic Castle. It was there that they discovered a large group of Baltoy that made the ruins their home.

    After battling the several trainers in the gym, I made a stop to visit a Move Tutor that was in town. Grimer and I worked on a secret weapon to use against Clay. Tomorrow, I’ll have my official gym battle against him.

    Dream World 2: Umbreon, gained a level. Found: Pawniard that can use the move Psycho Cut.

    March 27, 2013

    Dream World: Amoongus. Found: Eevee that knows Swift; female Zubat with the ability Infiltrator. Finding Eevee leaves just nine more Pokémon for me to find in the Dream Park, and 14 left overall to find in the Dream World!

    Dream World 2: Leafeon, gained a level. Found: Ducklett with the move Me First.

    Driftveil Gym Challenge
    Vs. Clay

    My Pokémon and I are ready to go! This would be a three-on-three match with no time limit. Only the challenger, myself, can make substitutions. The battle will be over when all three of either side’s Pokémon are unable to continue.

    Nearly two years ago, I defeated Clay with Servine, Pignite, and Dewott. It was a great battle.

    “Harrumph! Yer back ag’in to challenge me?” Clay said in his usual gruff tone. “All right, time to see what ya can do this time!”

    “I’m ready for you, Clay!” I yelled back with confidence.

    “We’ll just see about that!” Clay tossed his first Poké Ball. “Krokorok, let’s git ‘im!”

    “Krokorok again, huh?” Ok, so far no surprises. “Carnivine, maximize!”

    “What the heck is that thing?” Clay seemed shocked. “There ain’t no Carnivine ‘round these parts. Whatever. Krokorok, use Torment!”

    Torment would keep Carnivine from using the same move over and over.

    “I only need one move! Carnivine, use Leaf Tornado!” I commanded. The whirlwind of leaves smashed into Krokorok, sending it hurling against the wall.

    “Krokorok is unable to battle,” the judge called. “Carnivine wins!”

    “Great job, Carnivine!” I yelled out as my Pokémon bounced on its vines triumphantly.

    “Dang nab it! Krokorok, return,” Clay recalled his fainted Pokémon. “Ok, so you won with a type advantage. Now face my newest Pokémon! Sandslash, go git ‘im!”

    “Sandslash, is it?” I decided to switch Pokémon. “Carnivine, return, take a break. Time for my secret weapon. Grimer, maximize!”

    “Well, check out that purty colored Grimer,” Clay said mockingly. “But you think ya can come in here and try to win with a poison-type? How dare ya! Sandslash, use Crush Claw!”

    Clay’s Sandslash was surprising fast, and cut at Grimer with the attack. But Grimer was able to handle it.

    “Grimer, Screech, let’s go!” My Grimer bellowed a terrible sound, which drastically lowered Sandslash’s defense as it tried to cover its ears.

    “Git out o’ there! Use Rollout to fight back!” Clay’s Pokémon rolled itself into a ball and flung itself at Grimer!

    “Now’s the time to show off your new move, Grimer!” I said with a smile. “Before that Rollout gains speed, intercept it with Ice Punch!”

    Grimer made a fist as cold energy began to charge, and it punched the rolling Sandslash! The clash of attacks did cause Grimer to recoil slightly, but the Ice Punch was strong enough to knock out Sandslash!

    “Sandslash can no longer battle,” said the referee. “Grimer wins!”

    “Nicely done, Grimer!” I cheered.

    “Gri-gri-griiiii-mer!” My Pokémon echoed my excitement.

    “No, no, no, no!” Clay yelled in frustration. “Sandslash, return! That’s it! Excadrill, teach that young whipper-snapper a lesson!”

    “Ok then, Grimer, return!” Can I end it this easily? “Azumarill, maximize!”

    “No hard feelings, but I’m extremely stubborn! Excadrill, use Metal Claw!”

    Looks like Excadrill learned a new move too, but it was not very effective against my water-type Pokémon.

    “Azumarill, start off by setting up Aqua Ring!” A little healing in between attacks should help out if something goes wrong.

    “Stop wasting yer time with that and fight us head-on! I’ll show you what I mean with Rock Slide!”

    Excadrill obeyed as rocks smashed Azumarill, causing it to flinch.

    “Take that!” Clay kept the pressure on. “Now follow up with Slash!”

    “Let’s give them what they want and take them head on,” I called out to Azumarill. “Aqua Tail, let’s go!”

    Aqua Tail and Slash collided, and the energies exploded on the field. When the smoke cleared, Azumarill was still standing, but…

    “Excadrill is unable to battle.” The judge raised his arm. “The winner of this match is Steve, the challenger!”

    “Phew! You’re really somethin’!” Clay complemented as he recalled Excadrill. “Well, you already earned it once, but take this here Quake Badge as proof of your victory at my gym!”

    Though it’s taking much longer the second time around, I finally won my fifth Unova gym badge!

    I had Nurse Joy treat my Pokémon (though there wasn’t much to treat!), then I began a new rotation of training. I decided to do groups of four typically, with Grimer as my fifth and an open slot for any new Pokémon I might encounter. The first group of four to come with me is Shuckle, Buneary, Sunflora, and Lucario. Next, I plan on focusing on the upcoming Pokémon World Tournament, which should be starting any day now!
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 145 Seen 159
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 83 Seen 88
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 62 Seen 67