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Black 2 Unova Adventure Part II

Last Time: "Return to Unova Epilogue" (Post #16 on this thread on Pg.1)


The next day... After emerging from the PokéCentre Tim set out into the wild to find Ben, his friend, and give him a Town Map.

Tim took the time to stop and train both Pignite and Seawaddle while also encountering two other Pokémon. Psyduck and Pidove; to which Tim promptly caught.

After training them all to equal levels, Tim proceeded to a nearby Ranch to which the owners explained their grief about losing one of their Herdier of the pair they always have together. Fearing the worst, Ben and Tim decided to venture into the thick woods to look for it.

Some time into the groves, Ben and Tim split up and looked in different directions.

Later, Tim found it, a pirate dressed "bandit" had the Herdier against the trunk of a tree. Upon being spotted and Ben's arrival, the pirate reluctantly handed over the stolen Herdier. But not before telling the duo that he was once part of the notorious and maniacal Team Plasma. He scurried off and Tim and Ben escorted the Herdier back to the Ranch owners.

To thank Tim, the Ranch owner handed over "Rock Smash" TM (I think... might of been something different) Before Ben left, Tim handed him his Map and he left.

Tim trekked back to the initial town (can't remember the name) and met up with Adler who asked that Tim battle his pupils, Tim defeated them easily. Proud of the victories Adler did something... I can't remember... and sent Tim off-- OH! He told Tim he should challenge the Pokémon League by battling the [Insert first Gym Town name here] Town/City Gym Leader.

So Tim returned to the town and entered the Trainer's School that had the Gym within. The Gym Leader Cheren (I think that was his name, right?) who, much like Bianca, traveled with the Legendary Hero who saved Unova from Team Plasma 2 years ago.

After Tim battled his two trainers Tim proceeded to Cheren for a final confrontation.

The battle began and ended quickly when a simple miscalculation of strategy caused Tim to fall at the hands of Cheren and his Herdier. Distraught and a little upset, Tim returned to the Gym quickly and employed another strategy and easily bested Cheren!

Cheren happily handed over his badge and Tim was finally on his first step to the top of the of Pokémon League.

As Tim stepped outside of the Gym; Bianca, Ben and Cheren swarmed him. Exchanging Xtransivier numbers, Tim had a list of people to help him on command.

After everyone said their good byes, Tim set out again in the wilderness to find the next Gym Leader.

After much traveling Tim arrived in the next city. As soon as he entered however he stumbled on a father and his daughter bickering. The female returned to the Gym. Tim identified his next target.

Tim wasted no time rushing to the Gym. Tim soon discovered that the Gym was a night club. Tim entered nervously. Inside the basement of the Gym/Club he saw the female Gym Leader's band rehearsing. Tim approached the drummer first, battled and won flawlessly, then the Bassist and finally he approached the leader (who I can't remember the name, Roxy?) Whatever, the battle was quick and decisive. And Timothy being new to the Pokémon world in Unova (Also because I know very little about the Pokémon in Unova and Black 2) he lost his first round with the Leader.

Annoyed, again, for losing an initial encounter, Tim returned to the club and engaged the leader once more, this time. Irreversibly messing her stuff up with his awesome Pokémon. By the end of the battle Tepig evolved into Pignite and this was a bonus. The second badge Tim had finally acquired.

Tim exited the club and entered the town again. But was pulled into the theater, movie shooting part of the town, the Hollywood of the Unova region. After watching the Leader's father's movie (which sucked) Tim was asked to shoot and star in his own. To which Tim agreed (because, ultimately, I have no other choice) Tim's movie was a hit and he was given permission to make more at any time he felt he wanted too. Happy, Tim took his new badge, his evolved Tepig and blossoming movie career and skipped gaily outside of the gates of the town and towards the docks. :D

2 Years Earlier...

The Legendary Savior of Unova's grandfather from Johto. Sent countless Pokémon to aid him in his quest to defeat the Elite Four. The Savior's Pokémon were too weak and training them for battle would be to much time wasted.

His grandfather sent every Pokémon he had captured in his youth from Johto. Including mystical and legendary types. The Savior, with his team of The Legendary Oh-Ho, the Elder Venasaur, the Monstrous Tyranitar, The Heavenly Dragonite, The Stoic Golem and the Mystic Alakazam, defeated the Elite Four and finally bested Adler gaining the title of the Unova Champion... The rest is history.