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    Name: Mari Zawadzka
    Sex: Yes.
    Age: 19 (16 Apr)

    (Minus the dogtags, add blue eyes.)

    Zawadzka is a name that not many people are familiar with, and with unfamiliarity comes apprehension, discord of emotion, and xenophobia... All things Mari is familiar with first-hand. She's definitely some kind of outsider; a female red fox standing erect on two legs is anything but common and to say 'uncommon' wouldn't do her species justice. That familiar-yet-alien warmth in her sonic-blue eyes as she looks upon you... That pit in your stomach that reminds you of home, of family, and yet you are certain she is no family of yours... It's a compulsory reaction that seems to be controlled entirely in an exosomatic sense that you smile back. What compels you to smile back?

    Those eyes hide a blue-hot fire that can melt the glaciers of her eyes in moments should she will it. Wide-brimmed asphalt-black-fur-covered ears that taper to pointy tips face ahead, daring her enemy to make a sound as her head swivels instantly in a flawless, uncanny motion, her fire-orange fur brustling in the wind like vegetation in a breeze... What is she? Is she a Pokemon? Or something else?

    A plain black tank-top holding her... assets in place cuts the orange and cream of her fur coat, drawing contrast and seeming to frame her face between her ears and top; plain, identically-colored fatigue pants bunched at the shins and tucked into a pair of shiny black combat boots completes her ensemble, giving her the air of a killer. But could those fair hands kill? Could those eyes dress her in the familiar, morbid chill of impending doom if the circumstances were different? She's only five-three and maybe a hundred pounds! That smile makes her seem so unlikely a killer, and yet...

    And yet...

    Personality: Mari's a conniving little *****, and in the back of your head, you know that's why Professor Elm saw her potential. She can best be described as "true good" or "paragon" if this were some kind of sick game or some other arbitrary rubric; steal from the rich, give to the poor, the whole nine yards is Mari's game. From a young age she learned to make ends meet in unconventional ways, down to fencing off stolen goods to Team Rocket.

    It should go without saying that following the previous statement, Mari is an individual that garners perhaps not your respect, but certainly your eye at all times if only for her questionable motives; if she plays both sides, who's to say what she might do? Is she unpredictable? Well, maybe not. Perhaps there is a system to the pseudo-random nature that manifests itself in Mari. Perhaps there is context lost in translation via second-hand stories about this thieving girl.

    Of course, the only way to find that out is going to be to get past her jagged-edged exterior. She has been known to confuse and blindside even her best friends with sorrowfully-fake smiles and empty words that don't do her feelings justice; but the reason she hides it is a mystery. But that would beg the question...

    What is it she's hiding? Why?

    Background: Mari's an interesting case, born and raised in Kanto. Not interesting in that she is particularly transparent nor opaque, but that her motives are left entirely to interpretation or pragmatic judgement. Petty thefts here and there, possession of stolen goods, the usual one would expect of a petty thief. What made her come to Johto and turn to crime? Why on Earth would Professor Elm trust her as far as he could throw her tiny ass? Why would she even accept this calling?

    Probably because her attention to detail is flawless.

    If there's one thing Mari is, it's immaculate. No fingerprints left behind... No sign of trespassing... No sign of anyone remaining on the premises... No sign that something's wrong until it's far too late. That's Mari's style; get in, get out, and don't leave any traces. She's had a Pokemon before, and before coming to Johto, every day she would visit Lavender Tower, it's said... Every day she would speak to her Pokemon's grave, ensuring he rested in peace. It was a Ninetales by the name of Fate, said to be given to her by her mother, by her mother, and so on through the generations... How and when the Ninetales known as Fate passed is unclear, but it is very clear that that moment changed Mari's life forever.

    For years she cried, wetting the ground with tears countless and with pain unbidden. Pain... Sacrifice... Loss...

    "Life is short. Live it. **** everyone else."

    At age 19, Mari came to Johto in search of an escape from her hollow shell of a life in Kanto. What lay beyond the port, beyond the reach of eyesight, beyond the most minute sounds ringing in her ears, a new life indeed awaited her. It has cost Mari a lot, but she's been given a second chance. Many mysteries remain surrounding this girl, and only the weathering of time will reveal the secret face she's kept hidden so long.

    "I likez mudkipz."

    What the hell is she talking about?
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