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    Name: Faris Miller

    Sex: Male

    Age: 13 Years old


    Put in the simplest terms, Faris is an idealist. He firmly believes that the world can be a place of beauty and goodness where justice and peace reign supreme. However, from what he has seen he is convinced there is nobody both capable of and willing to make it so, thus Faris believes it is his responsibility to "fix" the world.

    Faris is extremely judgmental and has little tolerance for those he considers unjust, and when it comes to those he considers "evil" it goes much farther than mere intolerance. Despite all this, he is willing to risk his life for the innocent, whoever they may be, as long as it is for the greater good. Because of his zealot nature, he has no friends. Even if someone was a good enough person, and even if they could stand him, the closest they could get to him would be as an ally. Faris doesn't feel like he has time for leisure, and has devoted his entire life to his mission.

    While Faris lacks a capacity for friendship, he is very honorable and shows his respect to those who have gained it. He is especially respectful of pokemon, as he considers them fundamentally incorruptible. A pokemon's actions are decided by nature, necessity, or a trainer, thus there are no bad pokemon, only bad trainers.

    Faris was born in Violet City and grew up hearing stories of heroes such as Red and Ethan (whose actions were still fairly recent and widely spoken of at the time), and became enthralled by the idea of fighting evil for the good of everyone. At a young age he developed a strong sense of justice. When he was old enough to go to school Faris didn't hesitate to speak his mind, but unfortunately for the other students that consisted of calling them out on their actions whenever they did something unjust. This led to him earning names such as "tattletale" and "goody two-shoes". Even the more well behaved students sometimes had differing opinions on things that were important to him. Furthermore, he showed little interest in the things many other children were interested in. Eventually Faris was ostracized by most everyone his age. This saddened him, but his beliefs didn't waver.

    One day, his class took a trip to visit the Sprout Tower. The teacher explained much about it, but what fascinated Faris more was the sages of the tower. Faris saw how they devoted themselves to their path, no matter what, and developed his own resolve to follow a righteous path. He no longer worried about what the other students thought of him and became determined to make Violet City a place of pure goodness. Faris spent his childhood fighting bullies and other troublemakers, and even going as far as patrolling the city at night. At this point even the adults thought he was strange. Word spread and he earned a reputation as a child crusader, a reputation that likely reached Professor Elm's ears and made him consider Faris for a pokemon.

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