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    I just got my laptop back! I figured that it wouldn't be worth it to have the thread fully brought back from the dead if I didn't have anything to show, so here is a little treat for everyone.

    First, a bug update. I've crushed a few annoying ones that I could get out of the way given my time constraints. Download it in the OP!

    Catch 'em All:
    • Wild Sunkern now have a 5% chance of holding a Sun Stone.
    • You can now use the Bicycle all throughout Mt. Moon.
    • "Nidorana" has been wiped from existence, now replaced with "Nidorina" as it should be. Thanks to dkp for pointing this out!
    • An instance of "ChampionS" is now "Champions".

    But, more importantly, a glimpse into the possible future:

    That's right, I started recoloring the GSC Pokémon sprites! I've chosen to start with Bulbasaur (Silver), Charmander (Crystal), and Squirtle (Gold/Crystal) for obvious reasons. But I only have these three guys done as of now. If I get around to completing the entire set for at least the Kanto Pokémon, I'll include them in a new patch option.

    Some things you may notice:
    1. Yes, I'm foregoing my own interpretation of the 1st Gen sprites. As captnotatroll's work should prove, they don't exactly translate into modern day well. Even if they were given the most perfect of makeovers, they would still stick out like a sore thumb. And yes, I'm aware that the Yellow sprites are much better than those. I find they still don't have quite the draw quality that the later games exhibit.
    2. The upgraded sprites have a few changes made to their design to accomodate for more color options, particularly with eyes and shading.
    3. The shading style is taken from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, as they are the last games in the series to fully embrace the original sprite style. Later games go for an immediate cartoon look, foregoing gradient shades for singular tones.
    Also, the palettes are the ones from R/S/E. This is because they match the original artwork better and make it easier to port the R/S/E backsprites, which I intend to do as well. If you guys generally prefer the FR/LG palettes more, I'll change the colors back. Or just include options for both of them!

    Any thoughts you have on the sprites? Perhaps opinions of your own conflicting with mine? I'm all ears!
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