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    Originally Posted by RPD490 View Post
    Makes me curious, what exactly are the numbers for the Music function in A-Trainer, I mean there isn't any guide or references to tell you what number goes to what theme. It is rather annoying.
    It's defined by ASM in the background to be (basically) this:

    if (musicNumber == 1)
        return 0x11C;
    else if (musicNumber == 0)
        return 0x11D;
        return 0x11B;
    Which works for FR's setup, but isn't much good for what we need to do with it in hacking terms. There are other numbers which refer to the music tracks of course, but largely what I showed above is accurate.

    Originally Posted by gogojjtech View Post
    How do you come up with this jambo?
    Usually boredom combined with an annoyance at a limitation of the engine.

    Originally Posted by gogojjtech View Post
    You just keep proving yourself to be a guru
    No, just... no. Lol.
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