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    Southeast Path

    "I can't." Irek replies. "Once a pokemon ascends here in Lethia, they can't evolve... Not in the traditional means." "What do you mean?" Shadoan asks. "Ascended can only evolve if they reach a pool in a lost valley... A pool that forces evolution without a stone, training or anything." Shadoan looked at Irek with great interest, a pool that can force evolution! Irek continued on with his explanation. "I'm told that the pools contain trace minerals and vitamins of life in what forced man and pokemon to evolve and become sentient beings. Only 7 Pokemon officers have ever fully evolved from these pools in our ranks." "Only 7?" Irek looks at the ground with a grim look on his face. "I said before that the lost valley's are guarded constantly by a destructible force that is neither pokemon or human; The 7 officers that evolved were in high ranking combat squads, bent on handling murders and out of control trainers. They were able to get past these guardians and fend them off while reaching for those pools and have reached a level where they are on par with the 3rd strongest elite... They've retired now though and are living out their lives teaching new recruits both human and pokemon." Shadoan glanced at Kiba. "Do you still have that map those 3 exile brothers gave you? To the Lost Valleys?" He asked.
    Standing Grace - Battle Field

    Nath Stood there with another badge component, making a total of 2, with 13 more to collect to create one badge. Assembling the 2 pieces, trainers were gathering from the combat room to the vendors area. Purchasing roots, herbs and medicine as they prepare to head into the region.

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