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    Dusknoir Ultimate Solo Challenge Diamond 4th Update
    Found HM08 Rock Climb and Icicle Plate for being Honest :D
    Got The Spell tag from what I think was a ghost lady because she was gone when I came back
    After a Bit of Searching I reached Snowpoint City
    Deafeated Candice of Snowpoint Gym without a Fighting Move

    Witness Sinpol Get Deafeated by Team Galactic and Uxie was taken away, Decided to pay a Visit to Veilstone HQ
    Took the Storage Key form Galactic Grunt out Front (When he dropped it and ran away )
    Found the Galactic Key
    Met Galactic Boss Cyrus in Battle for the first time and cleaned his clock and he gave me a Master Ball for courage
    Beat Commander Saturn again and Freed the Lake Gaurdians from their painful incarceration
    Reached the Summit and watched Cyrus Summon Dialga
    Battle with Sinpol to beat Jupiter and Mars
    Sinpol Heals my Pokemon and THe Lake Gaurdians Return and Stop Cyrus's Plans destroying the Red Chain
    I battle Cyrus one Last Time and Stop Team Galactic's Plans for good
    Dawn and Rowan arrive and they tell me I need to Beat Dialga So I catch it first move with a Quick Ball :D Nicknamed it Awesome and Boxed it
    Dawn and Rown Congratulate me and I grab the Adament Orb before leaving
    I me Flint of the Elite Four asks me to revitalise Volkners Fighting Spirit
    So I do so by wiping Volkner's renovated Gym Floor with us unmotivated butt

    And apparently a good beating is what he need because he was motivated again
    Saved and Quit for now next time is the Final Update the Pokemon League
    My Team

    Boojangles Dusknoir Female Lvl. 78
    Moves:Night Shade, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch

    My Progess