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Quick update here! Added the logo in the first post:

I changed some lines in the plot, and also added two more characters and extra info on the rest.

Next update will take a while, I'm working more in graphics than the actual game to save me a lot of time later when mapping and creating events. (Also, I'm in finals)

This is what I'm working with at the moment:

-Starters and other Pokémon
-Cruise Liner and Sorel City
-Story of course
-Overworlds, Tiles and Interfaces (After thinking a lot, I decided DPPt tiles are the ones I'll be using, they're easier to combine with other styles and still look good.)

Any support it's greatly appreciated, specially moral support because I'm a lazy, major procrastinator and I don't want this to die.

Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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