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Nice to meet you, Matt! Heh, well yeah, pretty much everyone here is pretty cool to talk with, so I'm with you there. Anyway, I'm glad that this forum has set a good impression on your so far, tiger. Oh, and a big welcome to you too. ^^

I venture around the Roleplay Corner from time to time too, so, if you decide to explore around there, I hope you'll enjoy the many roleplays there! There are quite a number of fascinating roleplays to try out, y'know? I, myself have plans for a couple of RPs, but... I at least want to get my school work done before even considering making them. :(

I love Dragonite; it's one of my favourite Dragon-type pokemon along side Flygon and Kingdra. They are pretty wicked, aren't they? But at the same time, they can have soft spots, y'know? I guess it all matters on the different personalities of pokemon. @__@

Anyways, I hope you'll have fun! Don't be shy of asking any questions if you need help with anything. :3

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