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    Originally Posted by Para-Dox View Post
    It seems that a lot of professional critics like the system, but the general consensus from people is rather negative/unsure. You can't go through a thread about the console without a flame war happening. I tend to avoid discussions about the console, but this thread is civil enough so far without it breaking into a flame war like a few I've posted in at other forums.

    Anyway, I'm still decently unsure about the console. I've owned one since February, and I only really got it for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Apart from that game, I still don't know about my thoughts on the system entirely.

    Just like the 3DS, it feels like Nintendo has released the system too early, so there is a lot of early instalment weirdness going on.

    However, if Nintendo fix these by the end of the year when the new consoles such as the PS4 and Durango come out, I think they will be fine, although I guarantee they will be more prominent in portable gaming like they always have been.

    I will say this though, I am sick and tired of people not calling the Wii U a next-gen system like it's some stamp of approval. Then again, these are the same people who think that extra freakin' ram is more innovative than a unique dual screen tablet with actual working technology. (I'm looking at the waggletastic Wii here people.)
    I've seen that alot with the reviews on YouTube. Users who like other systems more bashing the Wii U in the comments section.

    I've been to GAME today to test the console out, and I really liked it. I was playing the demo of Super Mario Bros which is probably one of the games I would get now if I were to get one.

    Don't really know if the price will drop anytime soon either like before my birthday. I guess I'll keep on pondering. See if anyone else gives some opinions here.

    I like your thoughts though, thank you
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