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    Nathan - The forest

    Nathan had already walked pretty far, and it was now around 2 o'clock according to the sun's position. The good spring air was quite nice, no storms in sight at the moment. Just you wait until Glade learns future sight! Nath walked until he reached the forest area, and what seemed to be a lake. The site was beautiful, and was safe from any storms, if any at all. Nath's pokémon were already out of their pokéballs, so they all started setting up camp. Nitro, who had the tent, started setting up with Glade's psychic powers, while Celebi set up the stove and got the food out the tent. Buzz set about planting berries and fertilising them for later. Once everything was set up it was already near dusk, so Buzz 's pin missile was used to cut down small shrubbery for firewood, then Nitro's flamethrower was used to light up a roaring fire. The five of them sat down on the ground, before Nath told them all a scary story. Nitro was the most scared, as his reactions were dramatic and quite funny After, Nath set to teaching Glade how to talk. He had been doing this for a few days now, and it was difficult for him just to grasp how to use the tongue. Since Glade had been around human speech for a while it got a little easier after the whole 'grasping the tongue' idea, so Nath could teach it simple words, and how to use the tongue to pronounce these words. Obviously Buzz attempted to try these, but failed quite miserably, then got a little bit angry at himself, as always, so that delayed things a bit, but in the end Nath was able to teach Glade the words, yes, no, hello and bye, and taught him when to use them. Night time had come, and the day had been grate. Hopefully tomorrow the berries will have grown for some delicious breakfast. This time it was Buzz and Glades turn to sleep with Nath, so that kept the feisty Beedrill quiet!

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