Thread: Development: Emerald Clock Fix!
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Is there a DAN that is able to work with this, perchance? A flashcart friendly DAN would be a little more than perfectly awesome. Thanks for this port, by the way.

To be honest, I'm trying to see if there's a way to make primedialga's read this clock's status byte (with his tool installing the RTC, then the DAN, then uninstalling the RTC (which leaves the DAN in place) and compiling this to use the same status byte) - I'm pretty sure that the way interdpth's rtc (and thus primedialga's DAN) works though that it will be stuck at midnight forever this way. I lack the understanding to move beyond this point.
Hey! If you're a tool maker or you have a resource to contribute, but you're not up to trying to make a guide, I'll be happy to try and write one up for you if you want. All I need is a pm and the offsets.
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