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    Idea Name:
    Pokémon Genetics

    *This is still just an idea, I'm just needing peoples opinions on it, to depend on if I take it further*


    The year is 2023, science in Pokémon came to a halt on 2013, no much changed,
    the new pokeballs never arrived, hover items were never invented, better travel,
    new technology, nothing. Technology just came to a halt, ten years ago...
    In other words scientist just stopped, all the technology companies were either brought out
    or went bankrupt, those still around and owned by X. Corp, a large Coorperation which vowed
    the forward of technology, yet, they've not laid a finger down as promised.
    They based in Stelan City in the Seron Region, just south of Sinnoh, and only helped the city
    for a short period of time.

    As the year 2024 comes round, there's still no news in the world of technology, as all seems
    hopeless, two young children wonder the woods finding CEO's from X. Corp, leaving behind two poke balls by
    accident, inside containing possibly the most rare Pokémon in a long time, after picking one each, the CEO's
    return to you, in anger, challenging you, of course, being the first trainer these pokemon have had, they 'bond'
    with the two children, causing them to do much better than the anger filled CEO's.

    According to your father, a pokémon expert, your pokemon have never been recorded in a Pokédex ever, but are indentified
    as Project 0408 and 1711, or Varion and Thorn for easy reference, and he quickly adds them to a Pokedex, which afterwards
    is given to you, intriqued by their power and capabilities, he tells you to attempt the Gym Challenge, and see how far they
    can take the two of you, and where they'll take you. Your friend accepts the challenge, and swears rivalry on you, and
    leaves after a battle, What mysteries lie within Varion and Thorn, and the mysterious X. Corp??


    - Use the brand new Pokémon: Varion (Fire/Dark) and Thorn (Poison/Ground)

    Varion and Thorn are two new Pokémon discovered by you, as far as you can tell,
    the have strong powers like no rare pokemon recently, and bond quickly with you
    and become friendly to you. Spoiler contains them.


    - New moves

    I'm going to try add new moves, to fit Varion and Thorn such as;
    Corrupt, Corrupt Wave, Vine Rush, Ink Thorn, Blue Flare, Flame Slam
    Darken, Shadow Bite, Shadow Glare, and more.

    - Battle Stadiums

    Much like the Battle Towers, this includes 7 battles between randomly
    generated trainers with 3 Pokémon a side all at Level 50 each side.
    Items cannot be used, Running counts as forfeit.

    - More

    There's more, when I can think of how to explain it.

    Towns, Cities and POI's

    Camore Town

    A tiny little town in the base of Hergen Valley, a dead end town, very small, underpopulated, not many stop by.

    Hergen Forest

    A small forest in the bottom of the Valley, CEO's and Scientists from X. Corp are often seen round here
    capturing Pokémon for their newest experiments.

    Driplet Town

    Another small town of the Hergen Valley, featuring the road to Hergen City, and Prof. Ridigo's Lab, the town features power via water, the town is
    completly surrounded in ponds of water, and trees. Fishers come by here to witness it's vast fish collection.

    Droplet Cave

    A small Cave inbetween Driplet Town and Hergen City, it's optional to go through, but often wise, there's
    incredible sites to see inside, and various pokémon to catch. Features part of the Driplet Power Plant.

    Hergen City

    The only City in the Hergen Valley and the last populated Area in the valley as well, Many Bug Pokémon circle
    the town and make nests, often becoming pests to the townfolk, this City also features the First official Seron Gym Badge.

    Lake Arvun

    Counting as a Lake of Sinnoh, this Lake is so big, trainers must surf through it, or take a boat ride,
    there's no currently known life in the lake like the four in Sinnoh.

    Arvun City

    A City on the other side of Lake Arvun, with tall buildings, and popular shops, this place is the pinnacle
    of classic day marketing, featuring the Second Gym Badge of Seron.

    Arvun Sewer

    The lower decks of Arvun City, a large pipe maze extends deep into Lake Arvun, what mysteries lay beneath this Holy Lake?

    Mt. Setio

    Mt. Setio is a rocky mountain one can climb the outside to get over it, or simply take the windy path through the caverns of it
    Many Pokemon fossils are discovered here, it's said to be where Ancient Pokémon hid when the Great Comet struck wiping them out.

    Vinal Town

    Vinal Town is a small mountain stop on Mt. Setio, it contains only a Pokémon Center, a Market, and Flint's House.

    Setio Tomb

    An ancient Tomb deep in Mt. Setio, it's said four ancient symbols lay deep within this tomb, but no one has ever found
    the entrance to the inner tomb.

    Tillinol City

    The city of Night Life, all the casinos and Night Clubs open at night, and the player can gamble to their hearts content, or
    at least till they run out of money and coins. The 3rd Badge is located in this city as well.

    Japagi Desert

    A heat ridden Desert riddled with ground pokémon, and more fossils, many trainers have gotten lost in this desert, waking up the next day
    in Japagi Town.

    Japagi Town

    A town in the middle of the Desert, a real annoyance to find if you've no idea where you're going, it holds the special Japagi spa, in which
    trainer and Pokemon alike can rest. Contains the 4th Gym Badge.

    Corrupt Realm

    A void between worlds, and a untampered world, no Legendary Pokémon came to this world, to fix it like Arceus did with the regular world, this realm
    changes depending on which starter you pick. Thorn = Harder Path, Varion = Easier Path

    More to be added

    Modes of Transport:

    Running Shoes

    Fairly typical, holding SHIFT allows you to run.


    Again, typical.

    Once more, typical, but there's moer than one boat service. Arvun Boat Service, Sinnoh Boat Service and Battle Boat


    New to the Seron region a subway traverses underneath the whole region.


    In Stelan City, there's a bus service due to the largeness of the city

    Gym Leaders:


    Adel is the first Gym Leader of the Siron Region, and focuses on Bug Type Pokémon
    due to the City being Surronded in Bugs.

    Stan is the Second Gym Leader of the Siron Region, and focuses on Normal Type
    Pokémon, due to liking things to be plain and simple.

    Zapper is the Third Gym Leader of the Siron Region, and focuses of Electric Type
    Pokémon which powers his bands equipment in the Casinos night shows.

    Jones is the Fourth Gym Leader of the Siron Region, and focuses on Ground type
    Pokémon, he is the leader of the recent fossil trips into Mt. Setio and Japagi Desert.

    Chris is the Fifth Gym Leader of the Siron Region, with no Type in favour, his Gym
    focuses on more Speed Based Pokémon, due to his ninja like reflexes.

    James is the sixth Gym Leader of the Siron Region, focuses on Fighting Type,
    as well as running a Gym, he runs a Dojo in the Gym in his Manor.

    Jacob is the seventh Gym Leader of the Siron Region, he focuses on Grass Type Pokémon
    in her greenhouse styled Gym.

    Josh is the Eighth and Final Gym Leader of the Siron Region, he focuses on Pokémon high
    in the special stats.


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