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    Thanks guys. While the graphics side of things are looking-up the script side still needs one or two more players so if you know any who like this idea then please inform them. Many aspects of the PMD games have been ripped already (mainly by the spriters-resource); making the job that bit easier:

    Unforntunately there was no PMD DS game for the new gen 5 pokémon and as a result the graphics for anything to do with gen 5 will be custom.

    A quick tip for tilers and scripters who are interested:
    - Looking into PMD, I have discovered that in total the maps use 2 layers; the bottom layer with everything animated on it and the top layer with everything static.
    (Examples in the attachments)

    The Aesthetic Aims for this kits succession should include simple script calling methods and tying scripts to the generic RMXP/VX/A event options as much as possible.
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