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    Nathan - A strange tree

    "A box of oran berries?" Nath had no idea he had ordered them, but this Sandslash didn't seem like the sort to joke around. He was a police officer after all wasn't he? Nath had also noticed that the sandslash wasn't it's usual colour, presumably it was a shiny. The pokémon's words gave a few shudders down Nathans spine. A tree that can give you nightmares, there was no way he was going near that thing, but then again. The seeds gave off light did he say? Only one way to find out. Nath picked a few fruits of the tree and delved into them, pulling out the seeds and putting them in a paper bag he had from earlier (the berry bag.) Glancing at the shadows, for some reason they seemed rather familiar. It didn't bother Nathan that much, so he turned around preparing to walk back to where e previously was, until he heard growling. Nitro leapt up onto Nathan's back, forgetting how heavy he was, and pulling Nath to the floor. What was that noise?

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