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Pokemon Emerald Scizor second update:
-defeated May in Rustboro
-gone to Mr.Briney to go to Dewford
-trained my Lady a little bit in Granite Cave
-lost 2 times to Brawly, that Revisal is too powerfull
-at third time my Lady learned Metal Claw, and then i won second badge
-back in the Granite Cave caught Abra as fourth HM slave(to teach it Flash:])
-delivered the Letter to Steven
-sailed to Slateport City
-defeated everyone at the beach
-defeated Team Aqua in Slateport
-moved to Route 110 to defeat May (she wasn't even challenge to my lv 30 Scizor)
-gone to Mauville City
-defeated Wally and trained Lady to 35 level at Route 117 and 111
-almost lost to Wattson, but i menaged to defeat him with use of almost all Soda Pops i gained at the beach; with this i got my thrid badge
-taken Rock Smash from the guy in Mauville
-gone throught Route 111, Fiery Path, Route 112 and Route 113 to Fallarbor Town
-from Fallarbor gone to Meteor Falls, then gone back to Route 112
-used Cable Car to get on top of Mt.Chimney
-defeated Team Magma
-gone to Lavaridge Town to defeat Flannery
-it was very hard battle (scizor is bug/steel pokemon), i have lost about 5-6 times, but at the and magnaged to win fourth badge
-gone back to Mauville and then to Verdanturf Town
-went throught Rusturf Tunnel to Rustboro City
-from Rustboro gone to Petalburg city to defeat Norman
-earned the fifth badge
-gone back to Mauville, taken the request from Wattson, then saved the game

Current state of my pokemon:
Lady Bug the Scizor
lv 50
Metal Claw
Fury Cutter
False Swipe

HM slaves:
Marill-Surf, Strength, Rock Smash

Number of Badges:5