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I should warn you that this section is very low on vocal readers. If you're gauging interest from the amount of posted reviews your story gets, it's never really going to look good here on this forum.

If you want to see how interested people are in this as a ROM hack, see if there's some way to do that in the ROM hacking section. It's kind of difficult to see if people will be interested in your hack by posting a fanfiction based on it. For one thing, fanfiction has a different set of guidelines. Like you know how your first version of this you admitted was "half-assed"? That really doesn't help you gain readers because they can just tell it isn't your best work. And as you said in that thread, it's also the delivery here in this section. As Slayr and I said, you have an interesting story here, but the delivery of it in this section is kind of holding you back.

Honestly, if you want to turn this into a ROM hack, I say go ahead. I'd play it because the story is interesting, but the delivery for it as a fanfic is not helping it. But if you put it together into a decent ROM hack, that'll help it gain interested followers.

Whatever you do, AXELXu7, I wish you good luck on this project.

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